519London was initially created to showcase unique photos and videos of the city and to provide exposure to the talented photographers and videographers that take them. 519London is now a rapidly growing Instagram account with a majority (64%) of the audience residing directly in London.

519London Audience

As a local business or a business looking to enter the London market, this is an incredibly great opportunity to throw your product, service, brand or an event invitation, to over 4,500 Londoners, over 600 Torontonians, and many more from areas such as St. Thomas, Ottawa and Hamilton.

If you are looking to promote your brand through 519london, we recommend displaying your product, service, event or logo in a location that Londoners will be able to clearly recognize. Promotional content performs best when it looks organic and authentic!   

To promote your brand through @519london, contact ian@mcalpinestudios.co.   

519london promotion is reserved for business advertising and we will not promote political candidates/parties or controversial topics. McAlpine Studios also reserves the right to deny imagery, graphic designs or video that degrade the overall quality and theme of the Instagram feed.